Terabit per second Photonics

- as at December 2017
Science Leader
Project Leader
Prof Arthur Lowery
Monash University
Dr Bill Corcoran
Monash University

We are developing ultra high speed and low power optical signal processors by pushing the frontiers of nanophotonics, slow light, meta-materials & plasmonics.

Terabit Research Figure 1

Figure 1 - Schematic of a hybrid integrated photonic device incorporating a laser, bandpass filter, photodetectors and nonlinear optical section for high-speed optical signal processing.

These technologies will solve the bottlenecks of energy consumption, footprint and data transmission capacity that would otherwise halt the growth of optical data communication networks, that is driven by increased number of users, increased access rates and methods and increased services.

Terabit Research Figure 2

Figure 2 - Higher data capacity optical communication technologies are required to meet the growing aggregate bandwidth demands on optical communication networks and enterprise computing applications (as compared to Ethernet standards). Source: IEEE Communications Magazine 45 (2007).

Terabit Research Figure 3

Figure 3 - Highly nonlinear optical waveguide fabricated in chalcogenide glass (As2S3) is an attractive platform for hybrid integration with other materials to enable high-speed signal processing in a compact photonic device.

Terabit Research Figure 4

Figure 4 - a terabit communications link with all-optical processing. A liquid-crystal on silicon (LCOS) optical processor (a) corrects distortions detected using a THz optical radio-frequency analyser on a non-linear chip (b). The compensated pulses are extracted using a non-linear gate on an optical chip (c).

Faster and more energy efficient internet and mobile broadband communications, yielding richer and more powerful applications that will benefit work, health, lifestyle, security, trade, information, communication, and entertainment in a globally connected society.

Tb/s Group, Annual CUDOS Workshop in the Hunter Valley, Feb 2015

Terabit per Second Group, Annual CUDOS Workshop in the Hunter Valley, Feb 2015