Sydney University ANU Laser ANU Nonlinear
Sydney University
The research laboratories of the University of Sydney School of Physics node of CUDOS consist of six individual laser laboratories, a large common area housing an extensive suite.
ANU Laser
Australian National University fabricates planar optical waveguides and photonic crystal structures from chalcogenide glasses in support of the CUDOS program.
ANU Nonlinear
Two fully equipped experimental nonlinear optics laboratories were established in the first year of the Centre. The laboratory equipment, which was partially supported by CUDOS funds
Macquarie University
Macquarie University
The research laboratories of the CUDOS @ Macquarie Node include our newly refurbished photonics laboratories housing a suite of micro-processing and micro-characterisation equipment.
Swinburne CMP (until 2016)
Ti:Sapphire femtosecond lasers and an optical parametric oscillator have been used for the fabrication of photonic crystal structures in polymer materials and lithium niobate crystals.
Computational modelling is integral to the research programs of CUDOS. A dedicated parallel computing Linux Cluster has been acquired by UTS with CUDOS funds.
RMIT University
The RMIT University node of CUDOS will focus on 3-D hybrid integration optics platforms and high-speed Tb/s coherent communications

Monash University