In addition to the Flagship Projects, the advanced photonic technologies developed by CUDOS are pushing the frontier in Astronomy and Space Science. This new field called Astrophotonics, applies cutting-edge photonic devices as part of state-of-the-art astronomical instrumentation on some of the world’s largest telescopes.

Astro_Front_Pandora Dragonfly Firefly
Developing the worlds most advanced photonic injection system for the Suburu Telescope on Mauna Kea in Hawaii, alongside planet-hunting integrated photonic spectrographs.
Dragonfly is an advanced on-chip interferometer which can enable a telescope on the ground to obtain the same imaging resolution as in space, and is a key for directly taking pictures of exo-planets.
The Firefly project is developing new photonic platforms at Mid-IR wavelengths to create and implement Nulling Interferometers, which are able to directly image the chaotic maelstrom of planetary creation.