Chief Investigators

Ben Eggleton


Prof Ben Eggleton, Director

The University of Sydney

Ben has been Director of CUDOS since it began in 2003

Yuri Kivshar


Prof Yuri Kivshar, Deputy Director

Australian National University, Nonlinear Physics Centre

Yuri has been Deputy Director of CUDOS since it began in 2003. He is the Science Leader of CUDOS' Functional Metamaterials Flagship Project

Martijn de Sterke


Prof Martijn de Sterke, Associate Director

The University of Sydney


Judith Dawes


Prof Judith Dawes, Outreach Director

Macquarie University


Boris Kuhlmey


A/Prof Boris Kuhlmey

The University of Sydney


Min Gu 


Prof Min Gu

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University


Arthur Lowery


Prof Arthur Lowery

Monash University

Barry Luther-Davies


Prof Barry Luther-Davies

Australian National University, Laser Physics Centre

Steve Madden


A/Prof Steve Madden

Australian National University

Ross McPhedran


Prof Ross McPhedran

The University of Sydney

Arnan Mitchell


Prof Arnan Mitchell


Dragomir Neshev


Prof Dragomir Neshev

Australian National University

Chris Poulton 


A/Prof Chris Poulton

University of Technology, Sydney

Mike Steel


Prof Michael Steel

Macquarie University


Mick Withford 


Prof Mick Withford

Macquarie University