2011 CUDOS News

Cudos students won prizes at NSW AIP postgraduate


Alessandro Tuniz and Robert Williams were awarded 2011 AIP postgraduate prizes.

Metamaterials and metaoptics review paper


CUDOS Chief Investigators publish a review paper in Nature Asia Materials.

Optics in the Outback


The CUDOS student chapter sent two CUDOS students to a tour of the high schools in the outback.

The CUDOS entrepreneurship seminar series about to kick off


Fortnightly lunchtime seminars will be given by some of Australia's leading entrepreneurs in optics and photonics.

Generation of λ/12 Nanowires in ChG published in Nanoletters


Writing of nanowires in Chalcogenide Glasses with λ/12 resolution by direct laser writing has been demonstrated at CUDOS.

Rob Williams gets AOS Postgrad Prize 2011


Rob Williams, PhD student at MacQuarie University has been awarded the AOS Postgrad Prize 2011.

CUDOS paper made PRL cover and Viewpoint in Physics highlight


Paper by the ANU describing the generation and near-field imaging of Airy Surface Plasmons selected for the cover of PRL and highlighted in Viewpoint in Physics.

Min Gu awarded the Steel Medal of the AOS


Min Gu has been awarded the most prestigious award of the Australian Optical Society's, the W. H. (Beattie) Steel Medal.

Eureka Prizes awarded to Ben Eggleton and Dave Moss


Ben Eggleton won the Eureka Prize for Leadership in Science and David Moss the Eureka Prize for Innovation in Computer Science.

Eureka Prizes: Ben Eggleton and Dave Moss shortlisted


Ben Eggleton and Dave Moss have been named as finalists in the 2011 Eureka Prizes, commonly referred to as the Oscars of Australian science.