CUDOS Postdeadline at Hawaii Nonlinear Optics Conference


This is a successful collaboration across the CUDOS Tb/s Project, the CUDOS Quantum photonics project, and the ARC Linkage Project with Finisar.

Congratulations to Joel Carpenter and the team. The paper was presented by Matt Collins.

"Nonlinear Silicon-based Heralded Single Photon Source Mode Multiplexed in a Fiber with a Classical Channel"
Joel Carpenter, Chunle Xiong, Matthew J. Collins, Isabella H. Rey, Juntao Li, Thomas Krauss, Benjamin J. Eggleton, Jochen Schröder, Alex S. Clark

Single photons generated in a nonlinear silicon photonic crystal waveguide are transmitted on multiple modes of the same fiber for the first time, demonstrating 35dB isolation between orthogonal modes for simultaneous quantum and classical communication.

OSA Nonlinear Optics Conference