CUDOS recognises the critical role entrepreneurship plays in job creation and productivity growth

CUDOS has embarked on a strategy to promote and foster innovation and entrepreneurship through a three-pronged approach; seminars, panel discussions and talks related to entrepreneurship and innovation which are designed to introduce its students and staff to the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship and inspire them to think more entrepreneurially; support & encouragement for PhD students to undertake formal academic courses in this area; and recognition of and substantial reward for emerging entrepreneurs. These activities are designed to complement our focus on research excellence!

The CUDOS Entrepreneurship Seminar Series

Established in 2011 in collaboration with Simon Poole from Finisar Australia, the CUDOS Entrepreneurship Seminar Series aims to introduce and establish “entrepreneurial think” amongst CUDOS staff and students, ie the mindset behind transforming innovations into economic goods. The 2011 and 2012 series have been great successes with high profile individuals speaking on all aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation. The 2012 speakers were:
- Jonathan Lacey (Irelya Consulting): Ofidium: lessons for tech entrepreneurs
- Stuart Anderson (Sydney Capital Partners): Opportunities for early stage business raising capital in turbulent capital markets
- Ian Maxwell (BT Imaging): University spin-outs: Why bother?
- Larry Marshall (Southern Cross Ventures)
- Randal Leeb-Du Toit (Sydnovate): Spinouts, Startups and Sydnovate

The 2013 program is currently being developed, with a number of exciting speakers already lined up. The series is expected to commence late July and seminars will be held this year at both the Sydney and Macquarie nodes of CUDOS. Further information can be obtained from Alex Fuerbach, Director of Education & Training based at Macquarie, and Jochen Schroder, Sydney node co-ordinator.

The CUDOS Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Introduced in 2013 the scholarship aims to encourage CUDOS students to enrol in a postgraduate qualification that is oriented towards entrepreneurship, innovation, enterprise and leadership. This competitive scholarship is granted annually and offers a generous cash payment to be used to fund tuition fees, or other costs associated with studying. It is a competitive application process and the awardee is selected based on a number of criteria, including track record and commitment and is required to give a seminar to the CUDOS audience on the subject of the course. The 2012 recipient, Sydney PhD candidate Matt Collins, has enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Innovation and Enterprise at the University of Sydney this year.

Matt Collins receiving Entrepreneurship Scholarship from Jochen Schröder

Matt Collins receiving the Entrepreneurship Scholarship from Jochen Schröder, Education and Training Coordinator at the 2013 Annual Workshop

The CUDOS Annual Innovation Prize

The CUDOS Innovation Prize was inaugurated in 2012 offering a generous cash prize to encourage budding entrepreneurs to think about ways in which they might commercialise their research. This had to be more than an invention or research breakthrough; it had to demonstrate a pathway to real-world use. The 2012 prize was split between a business plan for commercialisation of a 3D nanolithography system (Ultrabright) and the launch of a significant enhancement of an Australian manufactured product where CUDOS researchers provided an innovative means of extending the functionality of the optical processor device from single port to multiple port operation. This work
was done in collaboration with Finisar Australia.

Jochen Schröder, Arthur Lowery and Michaël Roelens

Jochen Schröder (left) and Michaël Roelens (right) receiving the Innovation Award at the 2013 CUDOS Workshop from Arthur Lowery (center)