Collaboration with Israel’s Technion promises faster, more powerful next-generation computers


A new collaborative project between CUDOS at the University of Sydney and Technion - Israel Institute of Technology was launched by NSW Minister for Health and Medical Research, Jillian Skinner, at an official event at the University of Sydney yesterday.

The state government, through the Office of Science and Research, will contribute $300,000 over three years to set up the NSW-Israel Collaborative Research Pilot Program

“This partnership allows us to work together on fundamental aspects of nanophotonics towards realising chip-based optical interconnects which can revolutionise computing – dramatically increasing the available bandwidth and, therefore, processing speed,” said Professor Benjamin Eggleton.

“We will explore new science at the frontier of photonics that will help realise radically new functionalities and improved performance for on-chip photonics.”

Minister Jillian Skinner said the project it could have far-reaching technological impacts.

“CUDOS and Technion researchers already have reputations as champions in nanophotonics and optical physics – both in terms of fundamental discoveries and technological impact in areas ranging from communications, to defence and security, and medical imaging,” Minister Skinner said.

“NSW and Israel have proven research strength in the fascinating field of photonics, share similar academic and industrial landscapes, and well-matched entrepreneurial cultures driving innovation."

For further information please read the University of Sydney Press Release

Photo from Technion Announcement

Left to Right: Prof Ben Eggleton, Ruth Ratner - President Technion Australia (NSW), The Hon. Jillian Skinner, MP – Minister for Health and Minister for Medical Research, and Mr Lawrence Jackier - Chairman of the Technion Board of Governors.