Welcome, Herb Winful

Herb is Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and Professor of Applied Physics in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan. He has chosen to spend his 4 month sabbatical with CUDOS at The University of Sydney. Herb has made fundamental contributions to nonlinear fiber optics, nonlinear optics in periodic structures, the nonlinear dynamics of laser arrays, the propagation of single-cycle pulses, and the physics of tunneling.

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Herb gave a research talk on Friday Jan 25th
Title: Excursions in Nonlinear Periodic Structures
Abstract: Periodic structures play a rather fundamental role in optics, with applications ranging from fiber Bragg gratings to distributed feedback (DFB) lasers. In this talk we review our work on nonlinear propagation in these structures. Starting from our 1979 prediction of optical bistability in DFB structures, we take a tour through gap solitons, self-pulsations, pulse compression, and DFB fiber Raman lasers.

Herb with CUDOS members

Irina Kabakova, Martijn de Sterke, Herb Winful, Ben Eggleton and Chad Husko in the Sydney University School of Physics Tea Room