4 Post Deadline papers at ACOFT AOS


The ACOFT AOS Post Deadline Session includes 4 CUDOS papers (from a total of 8).

Of these
- 1 is in the AOS session, 3 are ACOFT.
- 2 are the work of CUDOS @ Sydney University; 1 is a collaboration between CUDOS @ Sydney, CUDOS @ ANU Laser Physics Centre and two Laboratories in China; 1 is a collaboration between three CUDOS nodes - Sydney, ANU Laser and UTS.

All of the post deadline papers can be downloaded from the conference link above.

Congratulations to all authors.

Schematic of chalcogenide photonic chip with calculated acoustic and optical modes and BDG operation

Figure from "On-chip dynamic gratings using Brillouin Scattering", by Ravi Pant, Enbang Li, Christopher G. Poulton, Duk-Yong Choi, Steve Madden, Barry Luther-Davies, and Benjamin J. Eggleton