Congratulations Christelle Monat, Honorary Associate Professor

Continued collaboration between Christelle and CUDOS has been confirmed with her Honorary Appointment as Associate Professor in the Sydney University School of Physics.

Christelle Monat: "I look forward to continuing being involved in the research activities conducted at USyd."

Christelle will continue to apply her unique expertise in photonic crystals and nonlinear optics to the CUDOS flagship projects; specifically the quantum photonics project and the terabit per second project. She will attend the Annual CUDOS Workshop, visit CUDOS laboratories for several weeks a year and host CUDOS visitors in her laboratory at the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology in France. She will contribute to the supervision of PhD and Honours students, present seminars and serve as a mentor for young women in physics.

Prof Ben Eggleton: “Dr Monat is an outstanding research scientist who has contributed significantly to both Australian and European science in the fields of nanophotonics and optical communications.”

Early in 2006, Christelle joined CUDOS at the University of Sydney as a postdoctoral researcher, having completed her PhD at Lyon University in France. She was awarded a prestigious Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2007 and served as Project Manager of the Slow Light Photonic Crystal project at CUDOS until mid-2010. This project and the associated experiments have been central to the success of the CUDOS program.

In 2011 Christelle accepted a permanent position at the prestigious Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology in France. She was also awarded the 2011 Frensel Prize from the European Physical Society - this is the top prize for young scientists in Europe.

Christelle’s academic achievements include a number of high quality research publications (>55 refereed journal papers), citations (1300 citations with an h-number of 22) and conference papers (>50). She contributed a review article to the prestigious journal Nature Photonics (Integrated optofluidics: A new river of light), which has become one of the most cited articles in this journal. She regularly presents invited papers at international conferences.