CUDOS at Sydney University reports breakthrough in quantum processing at ECOC Postdeadline session in Amsterdam

Ben Eggleton presented the postdeadline paper at ECOC on Thursday afternoon.

TITLE: Ultra-Compact High Fidelity Heralded Single Photon Source in a
III-V Photonic Crystal

Alex S. Clark1, Chad Husko1, Matthew J. Collins1, Alfredo De Rossi2,
Sylvain Combrié2, Chunle Xiong1, Benjamin Eggleton1
INSTITUTIONS (ALL): 1. CUDOS, School of Physics, University of Sydney,
Sydney, NSW, Australia.
2. Thales Research and Technology, Palaiseau, France.

Abstract We demonstrate heralded single photon generation in an
ultra-compact III-V semiconductor photonic crystal. Photons are
generated with a coincidence-to-accidental ratio over 60 and a g(2)(0)
of 0.06 representing the record fidelity to a single photon state for
a semiconductor waveguide device.