Two CUDOS postdeadline papers at OECC 2012, Busan, Korea

Dr. Christian Grillet, presents a collaborative INL Ecole centrale de Lyon/CEA-LETI/CUDOS Postdeadline paper at OECC 2012.
This paper fits into an overarching theme of building a revolutionary photonic integration platform suitable for ultrafast all-optical signal processing on a chip with the added requirement of CMOS compatibility as demanded by industry standard. In this work we exploit Amorphous Silicon Nanowires manufactured in CEA-LETI France, displaying extremely High Nonlinearity, FOM, and Optical Stability. This work paves the way for a viable high performance nonlinear platform for all-optical devices in CMOS compatible nanophotonic circuits operating in the telecommunications window.

Paper Title: Amorphous Silicon Nanowires with Record High Nonlinearity, FOM, and Optical Stability

Dr. Liang B. Du presents a collaborative work between the University of Sydney and Monash University (Melbourne).

We experimentally demonstrate all-optical generation of a 9x30Gb/s OFDM signal using a WSS-based inverse Fourier transform and its transmission through an 800-km link. The transmitter is fully colourless: the WSS response selects the wavelength of each subcarrier.

Paper Title: Reconfigurable optical OFDM transmitter using an inverse optical Fourier transform.