CUDOS continues


CUDOS has secured $23.8 million funding over seven years from 2011. "This is a new Centre of Excellence that builds on the strong foundation of the current CUDOS with new Chief Investigators, new international links and end-user partnerships and a new vision," explained Professor Eggleton.

"We will build a world-leading research centre to create technology that will revolutionise information systems, create and develop Australian industry, and train and mentor young researchers in the science and application of nanophotonics and photonic processing," said Professor Eggleton.

"The outcomes will fuel research and development programs for decades, harnessing links between fundamental research and commercial applications through industry partners and start-up companies, and developing strong linkages between Australian and overseas universities and companies."

The new CUDOS is a collaboration across seven Australian universities (we welcome Monash to the group) and has major international links with partner organisations around the world.

"The Centre will take the next big step in optical systems by transforming photonic integrated circuits into a technology that will have a profound effect on economies and lifestyles around the world. This will enable the Internet to transfer vast amounts of data with significantly improved energy efficiency; it will lead to secure transmission using quantum photonics-based devices, and to the detection of mid-infrared signatures of light from distant stars and complex molecules of environmental or biochemical importance. We will achieve this by developing functional metamaterials with optical properties to control light and engineering them into miniature photonic processors," explained Professor Eggleton.

See full details of ARC Centre funding to commence in 2011 on the ARC website.