Eureka Prizes awarded to Ben Eggleton and Dave Moss


The 2011 Eureka prizes were announced last night and the School of Physics of the University of Sydney did particularly well, providing the winners of three different categories, namely:

Ben Eggleton for Leadership in Science
David Moss for Innovation in Computer Science
Chris Dey, Manfred Lenzen, and Joy Murray for Innovative Solutions To Climate Change.

For his leadership in establishing CUDOS and for the vast body of research he continues to contribute to the field, Professor Eggleton has won the 2011 Eureka Prize for Leadership in Science which is part of the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes, the most prestigious awards in Australian science.

‘The Eurekas', as they are fondly known, have become the most coveted science awards in this country. Every scientist knows a ‘eureka' moment comes after decades of singular dedication, deep inquiry and rich collaboration. Receiving an Australian Museum Eureka Prize is regarded as a pinnacle achievement for any Australian scientist.

"Professor Eggleton's research has consistently pushed the limits of optical technologies in his experimental and theoretical contributions," says Frank Howarth, Director of the Australian Museum.
"At the same time, his strong leadership of the CUDOS multidisciplinary research centre has seen it become a leading force on the international scientific stage, and means his impact on Australian science will be felt for many years to come."

Professor Eggleton's early career saw him establish important new principles in the field of optics and nonlinear wave physics while completing his PhD experiments at the prestigious Bell Laboratories run by Lucent Technologies in the United States. Becoming Lucent's youngest research director at the age of 30, the fibre-optic technology he developed there is now used in networks throughout the world.

David Moss, Dr Michael Spence and Pr Ben Eggleton with their awards

(Left to right) Dr David Moss, Dr Michael Spence and Pr Ben Eggleton [Image: Alison Muir]

Pr Ben Eggleton receiving his award

Pr Ben Eggleton receiving his award. [Image: Australian Museum Eureka Prizes and 247 Studios]

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