Special Issue of Optics Communications


Energy efficient nanophotonics: Engineered light-matter interaction in sub-wavelength structures

This special edition of Optics Communications was edited by Shanhui Fan (Stanford), Zongfu Yu (University of Wisconsin) and Chad Husko (CUDOS - University of Sydney)

Energy efficient operation is innate to nanophotonic processes due simply to the size scales involved. This important realization is often amplified even further when one takes into account the unique nature of nanoscale physics and near-field properties. The goal of this special issue is to elucidate the inherent energy advantages of nanoscale structures beyond those available at macroscopic scales. The complex interaction between the vectorial light field and structured materials, particularly at the nanoscale, provides exciting opportunities for transforming fundamental studies of light-matter interaction into unprecedented control of energy flow, collection, and conversion in these tiny structures. We have thoroughly enjoyed assembling this Special Issue touching on the tremendous opportunities for energy science and technology offered by the ongoing nanophotonics revolution. We hope these articles inspire you as much as they have inspired us on this topic of scientific, commercial, political, and popular interest.