The CUDOS Legacy Showcase


CUDOS is in its final year of operation and we invite you to celebrate the Centre's many outstanding achievements at the CUDOS Legacy Showcase!

CUDOS Legacy Showcase

The CUDOS Legacy Showcase is focused on three themes that mirror the original research vision and mission of CUDOS in addition to highlighting our significant outreach and community engagement focus:

From developing chip-scale devices that could unlock the bandwidth bottleneck faced by wireless networks to enabling astronomers to view potential life on Earth-like planets, the CUDOS Legacy Showcase will demonstrate how our research has addressed and attempted to solve major global issues, and how our researchers plan to continue this ground-breaking work in the future. This event will also highlight CUDOS' contribution to the building of an Australian photonics eco-system through our spin-offs, end-user collaborators, next generation talent, world class researchers, and ambitious young entrepreneurs!

Meet the people, past and present, that have been part of delivering this successful multi-disciplinary, transformational research program over the last seven years. Share ideas and discuss the technologies that will make our industries globally competitive and create jobs of the future. View and experience the exhibits & demonstrations, guest presentations and discussion forums, e-poster sessions, as well as a cocktail reception to provide networking opportunities.

Date:  Friday, 29 September 2017
Time:  2.00 - 7.00 PM

 Sydney Nanoscience Hub, The University of Sydney NSW 2006


 Free and everyone is welcome to attend, with online registration essential! RSVP here

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