CUDOS PhD student honoured by the Royal Society of NSW

Moritz Merklein

Moritz Merklein has been awarded the Royal Society of NSW Jak Kelly Prize

The Royal Society of NSW has awarded the prestigious Jak Kelly Prize for excellence in postgraduate research to Moritz Merklein, PhD student at the University of Sydney CUDOS node, for his work on 'A chip integrated optical buffer based on hyper-sound waves'.

Merklein received the 2017 Crystal Jak Kelly Award and a Scholarship Prize of $500 from the Royal Society of NSW at the most recent NSW Australian Institute of Physics Postgraduate Awards Day where outstanding PhD students, representing each School of Physics from NSW and ACT universities, were invited to present their postgraduate research.

Moritz Merklein presented his postgraduate work on realizing an integrated delay line memory based on sound waves that has the potential to revolutionize next generation computer chips.

He also received an AIP medal and a certificate from the Australian Institute of Physics, recognizing his high standing.