AOS Geoff Opat Prize for CUDOS’ emerging Early Career Researcher

Sergey Kruk

Dr Sergey Kruk has been awarded the AOS Geoff Opat Early Career Researcher Prize

Dr Sergey Kruk from the ANU Nonlinear Physics Centre CUDOS node has been awarded the AOS Geoff Opat Early Career Researcher Prize for his significant research contributions to the fields of optics.

Dr Kruk conducts research on all-dielectric resonant nanophotonics, focusing on developing fundamental concepts towards their practical realization and implementation. He recently achieved an important milestone by formulating a novel concept, termed the 'generalised Huygens' principle', published in APL Photonics.

Dr Kruk said, "In addition to being an interesting extension of a well-known concept dating back to 1690, the generalised Huygens’ principle turned out to be a powerful tool to design and fabricate a new generation of flat optical elements engineered at the nanoscale, called 'metasurfaces'. Our metasurfaces match the performance or outperform some commercial optical components while being hundreds of times thinner than a human hair. This progress spun a lot of interest from other disciplines and resulted in several collaborative projects in the areas of telecommunications, quantum optics, topology and nonlinear optics."

Dr Kruk will give an Invited Talk on his prize-winning work at ANZCOP in Queenstown, NZ, in December.

“I feel grateful about the acknowledgement of my research by the Australian Optical Society. And I’m thankful to all my colleagues and supervisors who have created an inspiring and stimulating environment for my research. I have a pleasure to work with fantastic scientists. I would not have been able to achieve what I have been awarded for without their contributions and support,” said Dr Kruk.

The Geoff Opat Early Career Researcher Prize is awarded annually by the Australian Optical Society (AOS) to emerging researchers who have significantly contributed to the field of optics within five years of completion of their doctoral degree. CUDOS' Early Career Researchers have now won this award two years in a row; the 2016 winner Dr Andrea Blanco-Redondo will also give her Geoff Opat talk at ANZCOP in December.