Arnan Mitchell secures funding for nanotechnology research in Europe


Professor Arnan Mitchell, CUDOS Chief Investigator and Science Leader of CUDOS’ Hybrid Integration flagship project, is part of a multi-institution consortium awarded a prestigious European Union Horizon 2020 (H2020) research and innovation grant, focusing on nanotechnology development.

Together with fellow RMIT University researchers, Professor Arnan Mitchell is involved in a three-year project, which is called GoNano – Governing nanotechnologies through societal engagement.

Arnan Mitchell

CUDOS Chief Investigator Professor Arnan Mitchell from RMIT University

The project is focused on engaging citizens to help shape the development of nanotechnologies, which refer to the science and engineering of materials on a scale smaller than a micrometre.

The work is designed to connect research and innovation with public values, needs and concerns with the idea that input from all stakeholder levels is essential for responsible nanotechnology development.

RMIT’s work on the project will be delivered at RMIT Europe, the University’s European hub in Barcelona. The 10-member consortium is led by the Danish Board of Technology Foundation and includes research centres, industry groups and universities in the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Norway, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland and Spain.