Dr Bjorn Sturmberg awarded Myer Innovation Fellowship


CUDOS alumnus Dr Bjorn Sturmberg has been awarded the 2017 Myer Innovation Fellowship for his project SunTenants, a social enterprise that brings the solar revolution to Australia’s rental properties.

Bjorn Sturmberg

Dr Bjorn Sturmberg

The Myer Innovation Fellowships aim to support breakthrough solutions to Australia’s most pressing social and environmental challenges, and to bring new talent to the social sector by providing recipients with support needed to develop their ground-breaking idea into a sustainable plan for action.

Dr Sturmberg’s Myer Innovation Fellowship project SunTenants is a social enterprise that enables solar to be installed on rental properties with benefits shared fairly between landlord and tenant. SunTenants uses cutting-edge smart monitoring technology and a transparent, purpose-driven business model to share the value of solar systems amongst tenants and landlords.

In 2016, Dr Bjorn Sturmberg graduated from his PhD at the University of Sydney CUDOS node. He received a scholarship from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) for his PhD research on “the optical physics of dielectric nanostructures: enabling improved photovoltaic designs”. He is the lead developer of the CUDOS funded open-source simulation package EMUstack that solves electromagnetic problems involving periodic nanostructures.
During his studies, Dr Sturmberg co-founded Kairos Power, an engineering consultancy specialising in solar energy, battery storage & microgrids, whose projects include multi-million dollar hybrid microgrids and embedded networks.
In 2016, he co-initiated and managed the first installation of a Solar + Storage system in an Australian apartment block. This development, at Stucco Co-operative, won an Environmental Performance – Innovation Grant from the City of Sydney.
Dr Sturmberg is now an Associate Lecturer at Macquarie University and Visiting Fellow at UTS, working in the team of CUDOS Chief Investigators Professor Michael Steel (Macquarie University) and Associate Professor Christopher Poulton (UTS), carrying out theoretical studies of stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) and creating numerical tools to aid the experimental Australian Research Council (ARC) Laureate SBS program of Professor Benjamin Eggleton.