Student Poster Award winners announced


Outstanding posters created and presented by CUDOS students were acknowledged at the CUDOS Annual Workshop.

The annual CUDOS Student Poster Competition is a value-added feature at the Annual Workshop and aims to acknowledge outstanding posters created and presented by CUDOS students from all CUDOS university nodes. The poster display session gives them the opportunity to interact with international and national researchers and colleagues, and to receive constructive feedback on their research.

cudos workshop competition

This year, 42 posters were submitted and the student posters were grouped by the CUDOS Flagship/Other categories with an award for Best Poster made in each category. Posters were judged by the internationally recognised CUDOS Partner Investigator or collaborator who is an expert in that category:

  • On-Chip Nanoplasmonics and Terabit per Second Photonics:
    Professor Kobus Kuipers (Technical University Delft, Netherlands) and Professor Leif Oxenløwe (DTU Fotonik, Denmark)
  • Hybrid Integration and Mid-Infrared Photonics:
    Professor Wim Bogaerts (Ghent University – IMEC, Belgium)
  • Functional Metamaterials and Metadevices:
    Professor Ortwin Hess (Imperial College London, UK) and Dr Isabelle Staude (Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany)
  • Nonlinear Quantum Photonics:
    Professor John Sipe (University of Toronto, Canada)
  • Photonic-Phononic Interaction:
    Professor Shanhui Fan (Stanford University, USA)
  • Other Directions:
    Dr Igal Brener (Sandia National Laboratories, USA)

A final award of Best Workshop Poster from the category winners was then selected by all judges.

Poster judges

Judging panel discussing and selecting the Best Workshop Poster from the category winners

Student Poster Competition Winners
  • Best Poster On-Chip Nanoplasmonics and Terabit per Second Photonics
    Jignesh Jokhakar (Monash University)
    Polarization-Independent Optical Injection Locking
  • Best Poster Hybrid Integration and Mid-Infrared Photonics
    Harry-Dean Kenchington Goldsmith (ANU Laser Physics Centre)
    Mid-Infrared Nulling Device in a Chalcogenide glass
  • Best Poster Functional Metamaterials & Metadevices
    Maria del Rocio Camacho Morales (ANU Nonlinear Laser Physics Centre)
    Directional second harmonic generation from two-dimensional MoSe2 by guided-wave excitation
  • Best Poster Nonlinear Quantum Photonics
    Hung-Pin Chung (ANU Nonlinear Laser Physics Centre)
    Electro-optic aperiodically poled Lithium Niobate directional couplers
  • Best Poster Photonic-Phononic Interaction
    Blair Morrison (The University of Sydney)
    Brillouin devices through hybrid integration on Silicon
  • Best Poster Other Directions
    Andrew Ross-Adams (Macquarie University)
    Enabling enhanced fibre telecoms capacity and security with spatial mode division multiplexing

Best Workshop Poster Winner
  • Best Workshop Poster
    Blair Morrsion (The University of Sydney)
    Photonic-Phononic Interaction

The student poster competition winners receive a cash award and certificate, presented by Professor Shanhui Fan of Stanford University during the Workshop Gala Dinner.

Harry-Dean Kenchington Goldsmith

Harry-Dean Kenchington Goldsmith with Professor Fan


Jignseh Jokhakar with Professor Fan

Hung-Pin Chung

Hung-Pin Chung with Professor Fan

Maria del Rocio Camacho Morales

Maria del Rocio Camacho Morales with Professor Fan

Andrew Ross-Adams

Andrew Ross-Adams with Professor Fan

Blair Morrison

Blair Morrison with Professor Fan

Blair Morrison

Blair Morrison was awarded the Best Workshop Poster