CUDOS Director co-leads NSW Smart Sensing Network NSSN


CUDOS is a partner in the NSW Smart Sensing Network (NSSN), addressing real-world problems in NSW and beyond through sensing technologies.

The NSSN is a collaboration between the New South Wales (NSW) Government, The University of Sydney and UNSW, and was officially launched in February 2017 to further research into small, smart devices to facilitate on-site measurements and remote tracking of health and the environment. The NSSN is led by co-directors CUDOS' Professor Benjamin Eggleton and UNSW’s Professor Justin Gooding.

Particle Sensor

Particle sensors are used to sense gases in the atmosphere

One of NSSN’s flagship projects, Air Sensing, focuses on a variety of photonics techniques to sense gases and particles in the atmosphere. The research builds on expertise in this field supported through CUDOS.

Professor Benjamin Eggleton spoke to OpenGov Asia about the origins of the NSSN, the specific projects, the technology involved and the long-term vision, read the article here.