CUDOS PhD student wins NSW AIP Postgraduate Award

James Titchener

Mr James Titchener receives NSW AIP Postgraduate Award

PhD student James Titchener has won the 2016 NSW Australian Institute of Physics Postgraduate Prize for his presentation on 'How Can Lazy People Measure Quantum States?', explaining a complex concept of quantum tomography and demonstrating his original theoretical and experimental results on its robust and scalable realisation with a photonic chip.

James received the 2016 Crystal Postgraduate figurine, and a $500 award from the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP).

In conjunction with the Royal Society of NSW, the NSW Branch of AIP invites every year each NSW and ACT University to nominate an outstanding student for the postgraduate award. James was selected to represent the Australian National University (ANU) as a winner of the John Carver Prize at the Research School of Physics and Engineering, ANU.