CUDOS researcher awarded Harry Messel Research Fellowship


CUDOS’ Dr Andrea Blanco Redondo has been awarded the Professor Harry Messel Research Fellowship, which she commenced on 31 October. The Fellowship includes funding for three years for an experimental project that Andrea presented called“Unleashing the power of a new solitary wave”. The project is about providing foundational advances in the ability to control and use the new type of nonlinear solitary wave that Andrea recently discovered - the pure-quartic soliton. Her research paper on this important discovery was published in Nature Communications earlier this year.

The Professor Harry Messel Research Fellowship was established in 1980 with the aim of supporting Early Career Researchers. This year, The University of Sydney School of Physics were specifically looking to recruit an “exceptional female candidate” to the Fellowship. Dr Blanco Redondo was selected from a cohort of high-achieving and successful researchers from within and outside the University.

Andrea Blanco Redondo