Postdeadline Paper at OSA Nonlinear Photonics Conference

Moritz Merklein and Dr Birgit Stiller

Moritz Merklein and Dr Birgit Stiller

Congratulations to Dr Birgit Stiller and Moritz Merklein and the CUDOS teams at ANU and The University of Sydney for the postdeadline paper to be presented at the OSA Nonlinear Photonics Conference, held in Sydney in early September.

The Nonlinear Photonics Conference is part of the Optical Society’s Photonics and Fiber Technology Congress, and covers both fundamental and applied nonlinear photonics.

The paper will be presented by Dr Birgit Stiller on Wednesday, 7 November 2016, in Sydney.

Title: A coherent on-chip optical memory: storing amplitude and phase as acoustic phonons

Authors: Birgit Stiller (1), Moritz Merklein (1), Khu Vu (2), Stephen Madden (2), Benjamin J. Eggleton (1)

(1) The University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia
(2) Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia