Two postdeadline papers at Nonlinear Optics Conference


Two University of Sydney CUDOS papers have been accepted in postdeadline sessions at the Nonlinear Optics Meeting in Hawaii.

"CMOS-compatible RF notch filter enabled by SBS in silicon,"
Alvaro Casas Bedoya, Blair Morrison, Mattia Pagani, David Marpaung, Benjamin J. Eggleton
We present the first functional signal processing device based on stimulated Brillouin scattering from a silicon nanowire. We use only 0.98dB SBS gain to create a tunable RF notch filter with an ultrahigh 48dB suppression.

"Ultracompact quantum splitter of degenerate photon pairs,"
Bryn Bell, Jiakun He, Alvaro Casas-Bedoya, Young Zhang, Alex Clark, Chunle Xiong, Benjamin J. Eggleton
We generate and deterministically split degenerate photon pairs with an on-chip silicon Sagnac loop for the first time. A Hong-Ou-Mandel dip with 94% visibility verifies the deterministic splitting.