The International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies is coming...

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As the Chairman of the IYL 2015 Steering Committee John Dudley explains: "An International Year of Light is a tremendous opportunity to ensure that international policymakers and stakeholders are made aware of the problem-solving potential of light technology. We now have a unique opportunity to raise global awareness of this.”

CUDOS plans to be involved in organising Australian IYL activities. A committee will be announced soon. In the mean time, the Prospectus includes an overview of potential themes (Science of Light, Light Technology, Light in Nature, Light and Culture) and Examples of Activities.

Why 2015?
It commemorates a number of important milestones in the history of the science of light dating back 50, 100, 150, 200 years and even further. In 1815, Fresnel published his first work introducing the theory of light as a wave and in 1865, Maxwell rigorously described the dynamic electro-magnetic theory of light. In 1915, the theory of General Relativity developed by Einstein showed how light was at the centre of the very structure of space and time. In 1965, Penzias and Wilson discovered the Cosmic Microwave Background, an electromagnetic echo of the very creation of the universe.

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