CUDOS Technology

The start-up and spin-off companies stemming from CUDOS research will play an important role in the development of low-cost, internet-enabled sensors for the enivornment and for applications in personal health.

Australian Silicon Photonics

Australian Silicon Photonics’ novel devices will help data centre technology suppliers such as Intel, Broadcom, Cisco and Juniper increase data centre computing power and reduce power consumption by replacing electronic interconnects with photonic links. This will help our customers’ customers, the internet and cloud computing giants such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple, support continued growth in today’s internet and cloud computing applications, and enable new applications such as autonomous vehicles and the internet of things.



EMUstack is a simulation package for studying light’s interaction with multi-layered nanostructures. It integrates a finite element method mode solver with the scattering matrix method, making it ideal for studying lossy structures with large index contrast, such as photovoltaics, metamaterials and nanoplasmonics. The possible applications of EMUstack are vast and it has been released under the GNU General Public Licence.  

Hotlight Systems

 Hotlight Systems developed MIROPA-fs series of optical parametric amplifiers.
The original MIROPA–fs is a high performance quasi-continuous source of femtosecond optical pulses in the mid-infrared based on our patented seeded optical parametric amplifier design.
The new MIROPA-fs-M has been specifically designed for nonlinear microscopy with the major application being deep brain imaging in the neurosciences. Because of its simple and robust, patented travelling wave design, MIROPA-fs-M can replace two independent lasers, one for two-photon and one for three-photon imaging, by a single cost-effective source.

Luxava Technologies

Luxava Technologies is currently working on Natama - a miniature, high performance frequency agile microwave filter technology. This filter is designed to deliver unique capabilities including the industry’s widest frequency tuning range combined with ultra-deep notch attenuation and tunable stopband width. Natama is well suited for applications using modern, frequency agile communications including electronic warfare, military communications, co-site interference cancellation, interference mitigation in satellite communications, and mobile test and measurements.


Miriad Technologies

Miriad Technologies specialise in the detection of mid-infrared light at high speeds. Our spectrometers are in almost every continent (Australia, Europe, North America, and South America) serving numerous applications such as monitoring rapid chemical reactions. Our latest Miriad S3 allows full coverage of the short-wave infrared, and would be ideal for photonics research at longer wavelengths (1-5 microns).  

Modular Photonics

Modular Photonics specialises in glass micro-chip fabrication including the development of state-of-the-art broadband mode multiplexers for space-division multiplexing. Our “plug and play’ technology can be used in data centres and other local area networks to increase the capacity and reach of the existing multimode fiber backbone, whilst offering cost-effective solutions.  


Nicslab novel devices will help academia and industry, such as data center, telecommunication and transportation providers, by increasing power efficiency and lowering infrastructure cost with smart electronic-photonic design, algorithm and control combined with the Internet of Things. This will help customers, such as researchers, to increase their research productivity, cloud service giants (Facebook, Amazon) to support growth in cloud computing applications, telecommunication providers (Telstra, Vodafone) to provide better communication services and railway providers (Sydney Train, Amtrak) to enhance safety.