CUDOS Commercialisation

From 2011 to 2017, our aim has been to translate CUDOS technology to real world applications with transformative societal impact. In doing so we have contributed significantly to the expansion of the Australian photonics ecosystem. This involved the creation of several new Australian start-up companies, and/or expanding product lines for existing companies. These built on CUDOS technologies, led by former CUDOS students and staff, and with strong links to on-going research in the Australian universities making up CUDOS. We have worked with and support end-user collaborators and partners to facilitate a sustainable community of research and innovation in photonics and optics.

As of 2017, we have filed 15 provisional patents and have multiple devices and systems progressing through to commercialisation, ranging from prototypes, through small batch production, to a licensed and funded start-up.

A group of these commercial opportunities have been prototyped, exhibited and trialled with potential end users. Whilst each of these represents a specific commercial opportunity, we have promoted them collectively under the brand CUDOS Technology to leverage their CUDOS provenance and seek synergies from offering a range of products. More details can be found on the CUDOS Technology page, with links to each product, start-up or spin-off.

The start-up and spin-off companies will play an important role in the development of low-cost, internet-enabled sensors for the enivornment and for applications in personal health.