CUDOS and CAASTRO Proactive Career Management Workshop

Thursday, 30 October 2014


1.00 - 5.00 p.m.
Seminar Room, CAASTRO / Sydney Institute for Astronomy
44 Rosehill Street, Redfern

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A/Prof Maryanne Large, CUDOS, University of Sydney


This Workshop is designed to assist CUDOS and CAASTRO postgraduate students and post-docs find employment after their time at the centres. The Workshop will help guide the jobsearch process by making you aware of the diversity of possible careers available, including academic, industry and government, and equiping you with the necessary skills to find and apply for jobs.


The Workshop will comprise two parts:

Interactive Panel Discussion:

You will hear from the following experienced speakers talk about the different roles they have pursued following a PhD in physics; ranging from academica to the corporate environment and the challenging start-up arena.

Francois Ladouceur

François Ladouceur obtained his PhD in Optical Telecommunications in 1992 from ANU. Following an early academic career he moved to the private sector and has been involved in a number of start-up related experiences since including VP, Product Management for the Australian start-up Virtual Photonics (VPI) founding Managing Director of The Bandwidth Foundry, and co-founder of Silanna Pty Ltd in Brisbane.
François is currently Professor and head of the photonics group within Electrical Engineering at UNSW and is involved in the commercialisation of electro-optics transducers developed at UNSW through his latest start-up: Zedelef Pty Ltd.

Tara Murphy

Tara Murphy completed her PhD in 2004 at the University of Edinburgh, and is currently an astrophysicist working in the School of Physics and a Chief Investigator in CAASTRO, leading an international team of researchers. Her research focuses on detecting and studying transient and highly variable astrophysical phenomena with next generation radio telescopes. Tara is passionate about teaching and high school outreach and is a director of both the National Computer Science School and the NCSS Challenge. This year Tara co-founded Grok Learning, a global start-up aimed to excite high school students about computational thinking.

Cibby Pulikkaseril

Cibby Pulikkaseril is Technical Project Leader at Finisar Australia, part of a team that develops new optical instrumentation products for telecom researchers. Cibby completed an M.Eng degree at McGill University in Canada and worked in industry on photonic research projects in electro-optic switching, laser writing of waveguides, and detecting wax particles in crude oil. By 2005, he found himself stranded in Australia with no memories or money, and in the throes of quinine poisoning, he accidentally completed a PhD at Sydney Uni!

Julian King

Julian King has a BSc (Hons 1) and was awarded a PhD in Astrophysics in 2010, both from the University of New South Wales. His PhD research found evidence that the strength of electromagnetism varies minutely depending on location in the universe. For this work, he and four colleagues were awarded the 2012 Eureka Prize for Scientific Research. He is now an Executive Director at Pottinger, a consultancy group providing industry with strategic and financial advice. He has worked in areas including financial services, agriculture, energy, resources, infrastructure, government, utilities, and industrial sectors, and is particularly interested in climate change and sustainability.

Hands-on activities and role playing:
You will learn how to use your professional networks to identify job opportunities and get advice on, and practice preparing, a CV and cover letter. We will also be role playing interview techniques.


This workshop is open to all interested CUDOS and CAASTRO personnel and others affiliated with the centres. However, as places are limited, preference will be given to later stage PhD students and Early Career Researchers.


Registrations for this Workshop are now closed.