To be the world-leader in research in on-chip photonics, for all-optical signal processing.


At CUDOS, we aim to lead research which creates a world-best on-chip photonic platform for information transfer and processing technologies. We will translate the intellectual capital which we create to build a community of professionals which can drive wealth creation in Australia.

To achieve this vision and mission, CUDOS will be guided by an interlocking set of strategic goals across a number of areas of activity.


CUDOS will perform world-leading research in integrated nanophotonics for all-optical information processing.

Education and Training

CUDOS will inspire, mentor and nurture the people needed to shape the future Australian photonics community.

Creating Wealth

CUDOS will create and exploit the intellectual capital essential for wealth creation through new jobs and new companies, and building industrial strength.


CUDOS will create excellent linkages between academia, industry, government and community, be a flagship of Australian science and the national authority on photonics.