Workshop: Opto-acoustics with COMSOL



This tutorial is aimed at researchers in optics who wish to broaden their knowledge and numerical expertise into optomechanics. Optomechanics studies the interaction between light and the mechanical deformation of the medium through which it propagates as happens, for example, in Stimulated Brillouin Scattering. It has important applications in the form of Brillouin lasers, and in the development of microwave photonics and frequency combs. Attendees are expected to have experience with numerical modelling of photonic structures (ideally periodic structures) and basic working knowledge of Maxwell's equations.

The tutorial will comprise a short lecture on the fundamentals of linear continuum mechanics, before proceeding onto hands-on exercises for the participants. This will involve band structure calculations for two-dimensional acoustic (phononic) structures, and ultimately work towards computing the Brillouin gain in a waveguide structure, in the latest version of COMSOL. The tutorial will be conducted on local computers with all appropriate software installed and tutors will be available throughout the course to assist.


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