CUDOS Legacy Showcase

The CUDOS Legacy Showcase

CUDOS is in its final year of operation and we invite you to celebrate the Centre's many outstanding achievements at the CUDOS Legacy Showcase, highlighting our contribution to the building of an Australian photonics eco-system through our spin-offs, end-user collaborators, next generation talent, world class researchers, and ambitious young entrepreneurs. Read more

CUDOS is funded by the Australian Research Council under the Centres of Excellence Program , with further support from our six constituent universities, fifteen partner investigators, and the New South Wales State Government.

News Highlights


Speed plus control in new computer chip: slowing down light to sound


The speed of light is of great advantage when sending data over the internet, but it is a real challenge to master on a small chip. A new design offers a solution: convert the energy to sound. Read The Conversation article by CUDOS researchers.

Birgit Stiller and Moritz Merklein

World first: ‘Storing lightning inside thunder’ - CUDOS researchers are turning optical data into readable soundwaves


Researchers from the University of Sydney CUDOS node have dramatically slowed digital information carried as light waves by transferring the data into sound waves in an integrated circuit, or microchip.


CUDOS postdeadline paper at Frontiers in Optics conference


Postdeadline paper on ‘Brillouin-based Light Storage of 200ps-long Pulses for 70 Pulse Widths‘ by CUDOS teams at the University of Sydney and the Australian National University has been accepted for presentation at the Frontiers in Optics 2017 conference.

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17-21 Sep 2017

Washington DC, USA

17-21 Sep 2017

ECOC 2017
Gothenburg, Sweden

25 Sep 2017

Public Lecture with Dr Jean-luc Doumont: Making the most of your presentation
The University of Sydney, Australia

25-26 Sep 2017

CUDOS Communication Skills Workshop
The University of Sydney, Australia

29 Sep 2017

CUDOS Legacy Showcase
The University of Sydney, Australia

21 Nov 2017

IPOS Symposium
The University of Sydney, Australia

26 Nov - 1 Dec 2017

IONS KOALA Conference
Brisbane, Australia

4-7 Dec 2017

Queenstown, New Zealand