CUDOS Technology

CUDOS Technology is dedicated to assisting CUDOS staff and students commercialise products stemming from CUDOS research.

Hotlight Systems

Hotlight Systems MIROPA-fs box

MIROPA–fs, developed by HOTLIGHT Systems is a high performance quasi-continuous source of femtosecond optical pulses in the mid-infrared based on our patented seeded optical parametric amplifier design.

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Luxava Technologies


Researchers at Luxava Technologies are currently working on Natama - a miniature, high performance frequency agile microwave filter technology.

This filter is designed to deliver unique capabilities including the industry’s widest frequency tuning range combined with ultra-deep notch attenuation and tunable stopband width.

Natama is well suited for applications using modern, frequency agile communications including electronic warfare, military communications, co-site interference cancellation, interference mitigation in satellite communications, and mobile test and measurements.

Miriad Technologies

Miriad Mirlin Spectrometer (blue)
Miriad Mid-IR fibre laser (green)

Tomonori Hu and Darren Hudson from the University of Sydney and Macquarie University are developing a Mid-IR fibre lasers and have a spectrometer in the works.

are specialising in the generation and detection of mid-infrared light. Their research and development is aimed towards developing commercial-grade devices in the fields such as infrared spectroscopy, whilst providing solutions for fundamental research tools.

Visit the Miriad Technologies Website for more info

Modular Photonics

Modular Photonics diagram of compact packaged photonic chip

Modular Photonics is committed to manufacturing robust, high performance 3D waveguide devices for optical telecommunications that are compatible with standard fiber.

Modular Photonics is an Innovative Australian company founded in Sydney by leading optics and telecomms researchers Professor Mick Withford, Dr. Simon Gross, Dr. Nicolas Riesen and Professor John D. Love. The company specializes in glass micro-chip fabrication including the development of state-of-the-art broadband mode multiplexers for space-division multiplexing applications.

Modular Photonics focuses exclusively on compact integrated ‘plug and play’ solutions. The technologies developed are based on the femtosecond laser direct-write technique which allows for 3D inscription of waveguide architectures into small glass chips. The 'plug and play' modules offer cost-effective solutions for next generation optical systems.

Visit the Modular Photonics Website

Australian Silicon Photonics

Australian Silicon Photonics

Australian Silicon Photonics, founded by Professor Arnan Mitchell, Dr Thach Nguyen and Dr Jonathan Lacey at RMIT University, is a passive silicon device prototyping service for Australian researchers and industry, with six-week delivery time and guaranteed performance. The offered expertise at Australian Silicon Photonics builds on more than 15 years of research in simulation, design and fabrication of Silicon Photonic integrated devices.

Visit the Australian Silicon Photonics website for further information and enquiries.