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Photonics, the generation and exploitation of light, underpins an estimated 10% of global GDP. Photonics is fundamental to the communications industry and is a vital enabling technology for manufacturing, medical, defence, environmental and many other industries.

Australia is currently a relatively small player in the global photonics market, with photonics exports estimated at ~$150m p.a. in 2012. The market penetration of photonics across Australian industry is not as pervasive as it is internationally. With this Showcase, we aim to help industry better understand the range of applications for photonics, and to build links and networks with our industry visitors to share knowledge and develop collaborative projects.

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Please take a moment to review our program, which features:

The exhibition will be a feature of the Showcase. You will have the opportunity to meet researchers from CUDOS, academic collaborators, and industry. You will also learn about the research facilities available to industry through the Australian National Fabrication Facility and hear about the latest addition to this suite of facilities, the i-line stepper tool for optical lithography operated by Bandwidth Foundry International and housed at the ATP.