World-first transfer of light to acoustic information on a chip

World first: ‘Storing lightning inside thunder’ - CUDOS researchers are turning optical data into readable soundwaves

Researchers from the University of Sydney CUDOS node have dramatically slowed digital information carried as light waves by transferring the data into sound waves in an integrated circuit, or microchip. It is the first time this has been achieved. Read more

CUDOS is funded by the Australian Research Council under the Centres of Excellence Program , with further support from our six constituent universities, fifteen partner investigators, and the New South Wales State Government.

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Darren Hudson

World-first optical fiber laser promises to revolutionise detection of gases


An international research group, led by scientists at the Macquarie University CUDOS node, has developed a world-first optical fiber technology which can help detect a wide range of gases with unprecedented sensitivity, with potential applications ranging from breath analysis to air-quality monitoring.

Modular Photonics

Effective solutions to avoid Internet capacity crunch


The world’s internet demand is about to outstrip its fibre capacity and with the capacity limits of standard single-mode optical fibre fast approaching, new technologies are required to avoid an Internet capacity crunch. CUDOS spin-off company Modular Photonics provides solutions.


Speed plus control in new computer chip: slowing down light to sound


The speed of light is of great advantage when sending data over the internet, but it is a real challenge to master on a small chip. A new design offers a solution: convert the energy to sound. Read The Conversation article by CUDOS researchers.

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