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International Year of Light is well underway, with the official opening ceremony held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris on 19 and 20 January. CUDOS Director, Professor Benjamin Eggleton, who attended the event, gives his account of ceremony and its significance to the photonics community.

The opening ceremony for the International Year of Light was a two-day celebration of the wonderful and diverse ways in which human society is uplifted by our interaction with light. The ceremony was most aptly held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, a city known for centuries as The City of Light.

UNESCO itself was founded in the aftermath of World War Two as an organization designed to build lasting world peace by encouraging all of humankind to work in solidarity towards a common future where democracy, development and human dignity are available to all. UNESCO strives to achieve this goal by promoting education as a human right, fostering intercultural understanding, pursuing scientific cooperation and protecting freedom of expression.
Over the two days participants were led through this journey by a range of people who have made understanding light the focus of their life’s work. In line with UNESCO’s goals, the organizers put together an event that celebrated the scientific, economic and social impacts of how light is used, offering a fascinating overview of the way a seemingly small innovation in one area can have profound impact in the lives of many.

Presentations ranged from Nobel Prize winners explaining how our understanding of light informs our understanding of the foundations of the cosmos, to grassroots workers showing how bringing eyeglasses to isolated African villages or light into the homes of the poorest slum dwellers can fundamentally change human lives for the better. It was a rare and wonderful opportunity for all of us to lift our focus from the specifics of our own work and see the way that science interconnects with human societies around the globe.

This diversity in the presentations gave rise to stimulating conversations of the intersection of physics, technology, development and society. The International Year of Light asks us to expand our intellectual horizons when we consider the impact of our work.

Over the next twelve months, there will be a host of activities, festivals and events across Australia to celebrate importance of light in our daily lives. CUDOS, a gold sponsor of International Year of Light, have organised a year long series of events and will be focusing on developing it’s International Outreach resources, teaching photonics science to schools students. The inventor of the Quantum Cascade Laser, Harvard University’s Professor Federico Capasso will be at the University of Sydney on 17 March for CUDOS’s first International Year of Light event, the Peter Domachuk Memorial Lecture.

UNESCO Paris Opening Ceremony IYL

The opening ceremony:UNESCO headquarters, Paris.

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SBS Illustration

CUDOS stimulated Brillouin scattering research reaches worldwide audience


The February 2015 edition of Optics and Photonics News features a CUDOS article about it’s research into stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS).

NYE Fireworks

Spectacular Sydney Fireworks mark the beginning of International Year of Light


A giant lightbulb that illuminated the Sydney Harbour Bridge shortly after midnight on 1 January 2015, kicked off the International Year of Light and Light-based technologies.

Professor Yuri Kivshar awarded prestigious Medal and Prize


Yuri Kivshar, CUDOS Deputy Director and Head of the ANU Non Linear Physics Centre, was awarded the Harrie Massey Medal and Prize at the recent AIP conference for his work in the field of nonlinear optics, metamaterials and metadevices.

OSA recognises CUDOS postdoctoral researcher as 2015 Outstanding Young Professional


OSA has awarded CUDOS Postdoctoral Research Associate Dr Alvaro Casas Bedoya as the 2015 Outstanding Young Professional.

CUDOS Director appointed to IEEE Photonics Society Board


Congratulations to Professor Ben Eggleton, CUDOS Director, who was recently elected to the IEEE Photonics Society’s Board of Governors.

CUDOS student wins Best Oral Presentation Prize at KOALA-IONS 2014


CUDOS postgraduate research student Tomonori Hu has won the Best Oral Presentation Prize at the recent KOALA-IONS in Adelaide.

Industrious KOALAs


IONS KOALA, held over one week in November at the University of Adelaide introduced an ‘Industry Night’ for the first time this year.

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